Strategy and Planning

Initial Business Review

An Initial Business Review (sometimes called an overview) provides an assessment of the health of your business. It offers an independent perspective of its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and will provide you with a range of practical business improvement ideas. The overview covers key areas of your business  but focuses on those that you consider to be the most critical.

Our approach follows a simple Now Where How framework – where are you NOW, WHERE would you like to be and HOW will you get there? Recommendations usually focus on the most immediate and impactful improvements you can make to your business. . If you need help with implementation we can coach you through the process.


"My biggest regret is that we did not start this process a year ago"

A client servicing the resources sector

Strategy and planning

Business strategies are often over complicated and lead to ambiguous or unrealistic plans which are difficult to implement. We use the Now Where How framework to develop effective strategies that can be practically implemented.  

To be really effective your strategy should start with your sustainable competitive advantage – or why customers should buy from you instead of your competitors. Once this has been identified we look at ways to ensure that everything you do in your business contributes towards achieving this in a profitable way. If you need help with implementation we can coach you through the process.

The process has given us great insight into where the company is right now, our competitors, the current market and where we are heading"

A client providing electrical and air-conditioning services

Profit improvement

Profit improvement is about financial and operational efficiency. There is little point in trying to grow an inefficient business as it will merely result in  pushing more work through an already stressed system.


We help you identify breakeven points and how to lower them. We do this by using realistic observations and recommendations on price, gross margins and operational expenditure and use this information to help set achievable revenue and profit targets. Your business processes either add value or add waste to the production of an item or service. Waste elimination is one of the most effective ways to increase profitability in a business and we can help you identify and remove it.


“Colin has challenged us in our operations, our financials and our future. He made us look deep into ourselves and our business operations. He strongly motivated both Directors and Managers."

A client in the communications sector


Sales marketing & customer service

Marketing is concerned about creating awareness and demand for your products and services while sales is about having a process to close the deal. If your revenue is down it is not always a marketing problem, it is quite often a sales problem. Worst still, it could be a customer service problem


If your revenue is down we can help you pinpoint the root cause and help you We help you improve both marketing and sales activities by putting you in your customer’s shoes and understanding why they should buy from you. This will help you better understand their habits, needs and problems and how to influence them to contact you. By improving your sales processes we can help to ensure you never leave money on the table when a customer calls.  


"We are using the marketing plan ................ and our revenue has increased by more than 50% in the past year'" 

A client in the NFP sector



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