Coaching and Implementation


Compared to planning, implementation is hard. Statistics show that more than 70% of projects fail due to poor implementation. Getting the help you need can be difficult and many support programs are too prescriptive, or don’t directly relate to the problems and challenges you’re facing on a daily basis.

Our approach is different because we use a blend of face to face consultation, workshops and online technology to help keep you on track. Our online coaching platform is available wherever and whenever you wish.  It contains hundreds of business tools, diagnostics, resources, training and self-assessment modules to ensure your success.  

Everyone learns differently and this approach enables you to receive a balance of face to face and online interaction that best suits you. Our approach is focused on building your skills and helping you to implement improvements. We do this by:


Clarifying and prioritising your objectives

There is probably a lot of stuff you want to do in your business but you can’t do it all at once. We will help you prioritise the most important things first so you can focus on doing them well. Once you complete each objective you can prioritise others, thus developing a rolling program of continuous improvement for yourself and your business.

Focusing On Micro Tasks

Large tasks tend to be complex and overwhelming. Breaking them into a number of smaller tasks can make implementation easier. Smaller tasks are usually simpler and easier to delegate and monitor.

Using Just-in-Time Learning

This is an effective way of learning what you want to know when you need it.  You learn a new skill that you can immediately apply to solve your problem.  This tests your understanding and boosts your confidence.

Tracking Actions Online

Capturing information online saves time.  It is easier to find, easier to share, easier to collaborate and easier to delegate. You can also access it anytime, anywhere on any mobile device.

Whether you’re a business owner, leader, manager or just starting out in your career, our powerful blended coaching and learning programmes will provide you with a personalised balance of face-to-face and online experiences so that you can boost the likelihood of your own success.



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