What clients say

We work mostly with family businesses operating across all sectors and industries. Our clients are people committed to personal and business improvement who know that for their businesses to grow, they must grow too. They range from businesses serving their local communities to exporters with markets on every continent. Most are seeking to increase sales or improve profitability and/or  cashflow. Others just want to make their business easier to manage. We help them achieve this.

 “Colin has challenged us in our operations, our financials and our future. He made us look deep into ourselves and our business operations. He strongly motivated both Directors and Managers."



"My biggest regret is that we did not start this process twelve months ago”

"Thank you very much for all of your hard work and efforts. We really appreciate it and I doubt if we would have got it done without you. Certainly not to the high standard that you have achieved."


“Colin is very articulate and showed a good understanding of our sector”


"We have grown so much in the last two years, before we met you we were lost. We had no direction"


"I was extremely impressed with the process with Colin ... this process was definitely value for money"


“Colin’s approach is collaborative: he is a good listener and he took my concerns and in-put into consideration during our discussions”.

"Working with Colin has been a pleasure. The time spent discussing and analyzing our business with him has provided us with great insight and a closer understanding of our business's operations with a keen eye on where we are, where we want to be and how we are going to get there”.


“Very good session with good engagement with audience .  Meaningful outcomes”.


"The report has given us great insight into where the company is right now, our competitors,  the current market and where we are heading"



“Great facilitator, style content, pace”.

 “I found Colin’s  facilitation very valuable and have retained a lot of what he said, he also presented everything in a nice clear way that everyone could understand”


​Email:       colin@5PConsulting.com.au

Address:   Unit 49 12 Charlton Court Woolner NT0820

Phone:      0422 916 212

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