We help you build better businesses

Building better businesses means different things to different people because everyone has different goals and objectives. Using our Now, Where, How process we help you clarify what "better" means before helping you identify and implement your goals or fix your problems. After all,  there is little point in fixing or improving something if you dont have a clear picture of what "better" looks like.


We dont just build better businesses, we help you build your own knowledege, skills and confidence to appy new techniques and approaches to problem solving and implementing processes of continuous improvement.

Now Where How

A 5Pconsulting we invariably  follow a Now Where How process to identify improvement opportunities in your business.


The NOW analysis will enable us to establish the current status of your business or a particular issue. It will allow us to stick a peg in the ground from which you can monitor change and improvement.


The WHERE analysis will enable you to develop a vision of where you would like your business or the issue to be at somepoint in the future . It is about results and performance outcomes and provides a realistic vision of the potential improvements that can be achieved.


The HOW analysis will identify the actions that need to be taken to achieve the identified improvements.


We use this framework to help you develop simple but effective plans. Click here to discover some of the ways we use it.


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