Strategy and Planning


If you don’t plan your business, the market will do it for you. Unfortunately there are a lot of misconceptions about the benefits of developing and documenting a business plan and this is often due to mystique surrounding the process. Much of this mystique arises from overcomplicated models and processes that result in unwieldy planning documents that lack clarity and are hard to communicate/understand and even more difficult to implement.


Our planning processes use facilitation techniques which ensure that the strategies and plans are owned by you. We start by clarifying your competitive advantage; why you exist  - your purpose – why your customers buy from you.  Having established this customer- focus we will then help you identify what you need to do within your business to deliver on your competitive advantage. This is likely to include considerations around leadership, people, processes, technology, alliances, equipment etc, and of course marketing.


While helping you to identify these strategies it is not unusual to find rocks/roadblocks that can prevent or weaken implementation. We will help you develop actions to fix these “burning issues” so that you can truly focus on longer term strategic priorities.


Finally a big difference in the way we work is that we will help you with implementation This is where most people find the real challenge regarding strategy - it is nearly always easier to plan than do. This is why we provide an innovative blend of traditional face to face and contemporary online coaching services.  This is important because when all is said and done, a strategy is only as good as the outcomes it achieves.



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