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We offer a range of online courses that can also be provided in a workshop environment and tailored to fit a full or half day. Other workshops and online courses  can be developed to meet your specific requirements. Contact us to learn how we can help you.


Each of the online courses below comprises more than 20 short modules that focus on a number of principles and concepts. Every module comprises a video, a small amount of instructional text and a worksheet for you to apply the concepts to your own circumstances. As you progress through each course you will document your thoughts and, upon completion, develop a One Page Plan that will be designed to address relevant issues within your own business.


Business Improvement Process

Learn simple improvement tools such as Magic Wand, Now-Where-How, Prioritisation, Force Field, One Page Plans and many more. You will also develop a list of key issues within your own business and, using your newly developed Sustainable Competitive Advantage (SCA) as a filter, identify the most strategic ones. 


Continuous Improvement Process

Learn a wealth of methodologies and tools to successfully implement a continuous improvement culture in your business. Discover how to remove up to 30% of the inefficiencies (waste) across your operations. Understand how to benchmark yourself against the competition. A terrific course to complete when seeking to make your business more efficient and profitable.


Leadership Development Process

The Leadership Development Process is a unique course that allows you to develop your own leadership plan. Anyone can read up on the theory of leadership; this program focuses on implementation. Work through a range of tools and processes to focus your attention on leadership solutions for critical organisational performance issues.


Marketing and Sales Process

This course was designed be Mindshop and Banjar Group to enable you to develop a marketing and sales strategy for your business and then build in safeguards to ensure continued success. It will show you how to divide your market into segments with the same needs and to develop a marketing mix (traditionally product, price, place and promotion) that matches these needs.


Personal Improvement Process

The course aims to increase self awareness and ensure you have a process that will empower you to take greater control of the 'Quality of Life' of yourself and those around you. This program is about how you can revitalize your personal improvement.


Sales Performance

The Sales Performance course is designed to  improve your ability to sell. It is designed to build you build a robust sales process, instruct you in the art of selling and build your confidence in presenting and selling products or services to your market.


Self Confidence

This Self-Confidence course was developed in 2008 by Mindshop and leading clinical psychologist, Dr Darryl Cross. This course is focused on some of the questions Dr Darryl Cross has frequently been asked by the many people who visit his practice and those he meets as an executive coach in the business world.


Team Development Process

This course will provide you with the tools and processes needed to ensure that your participation as either a team leader or team member will be effective.


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