If you want to Build a Better Business, developing a plan is a good place to start. The first video below will take you through a simple step by step process that will result in a clear practical plan that you can immediately start implementing. Planning is just one of many challenges that every business owner faces. You can find other videos, diagnostics and articles elsewhere on this site that have been developed to help you address challenges that are commonly faced by every business owner.

DIY Business Planning

Follow this simple five-step process to develop your own business plan and get clear direction on where you want to be and how you will get there. The process is completely scalable and you can dig deeper with some of the other videos, articles and diagnostics on my website.

Download this template with additional resources to help you complete your plan.

One Page Planning

You may already have a business plan, but you still need to take action to implement stuff and drive improvements in your business.

Research shows that if you document what you intend to do - and share it with others - you're much more likely to be successful.

A simple way to do this is to use a One page Plan. It's also quick and can be easily updated.

Download the One Page Plan worksheet and instructions here.

Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas was developed by Alexander Osterwalder and published in his bestselling book  “Business Model Generation”. It is  used to help build a sustainable business model and/or to review and improve an existing one.

It can be just as helpful for start-ups as it is for established businesses.

This short video explains how you can use it for your own business and you can download a copy of BMC worksheet here.

Business Performance

What is the one thing organisations, projects and teams can learn from F1 and motor racing?” Professor of Business Strategy Mark Jenkins provides an answer using The Performance Pyramid.

This video explains how culture, leadership, teamwork and more can combine to create a high performance business.

What are you doing to apply a similar framework in your own business?

Prioritising Your Time

Have you ever noticed that some people always seem to have enough time to take on one more task? Have you also noticed that it is sometimes the busiest people that can find that little bit extra time?

Finding time to work on your business instead if in it can be hard, but if you want to develop a plan, implement it or make other changes to your business, you will have to find time to do it.

This video shares some practical techniques that could help.

Sustainable Work/Life Balance

Healthy business are run by healthy people, but its easy to neglect your personal health when you're a business owner.

If you neglect your personal health, you may not be able to look after your business. If you neglect your business health, it may not be able to look after you.

This video provides a helpful perspective on how you can consider whether your personal and business life are in balance, and what to about it if they're not.

Download the "Bike of Lifehere or complete this free Life balance diagnostic to start working on your own life balance

Implementing Change

One thing for sure is that if you want to Build a Better Business, something will have to change: You, your staff, the way you do stuff and so on.

However, change is hard and implementing it can be frustrating. Its easy to fall off the rails, go around in circles and have another groundhog day.

This video shares two ways to think about change and how to set yourself up for success before you even start. You can dig deeper by completing this change success diagnostic.

Making Important Decisions

We make decisions every day but sometimes a big one comes along for which there are a number of options.

And because it's a big decision you cant afford to get it wrong.

This video shares a simple process that will help you confidently make those big decisions such as which job candidate should I choose? Which new premises should I move to? Which new product/service should I invest in and so on.

You can download a copy of the decision matrix worksheet and instructions here.

SWOT Analysis

Have you ever done a SWOT analysis then thought "SoWOT" and never looked at it again?

Too often SWOT is a process without an outcome so here's a way you can develop your SWOT to help drive strategy and action in your business.

Understanding Your Numbers

Money is the language of business so understanding your numbers is important. The following videos cover some basic financial principles that are useful in any business. They offer a practical insight into how business numbers work. This might help you make good business decisions with more confidence of a good outcome.

How to Leverage your Profit and Loss Statement and make more money

This video explains how financial leverage works in a Profit and Loss statement. It also shows how small improvements in operational efficiency can often result in huge increases in profitability.

How to Deal with Supplier Price Increases

Supplier price increases are inevitable, especially in an inflationary environment, and so is the need to to increase your own prices.

This video shows how to maintain your profit by avoiding some common mistakes when responding to supplier price increases and/or an inflationary environment.

How to Use Breakeven Analysis to Make Good Decisions

Once you are able to calculate the breakeven sales in your business, you can use these principles to explore different revenue and profit scenarios.

In this video you can see how basic breakeven principles can be used in three different ways to predict the potential impact of decisions on your bottom line.

How to Calculate Breakeven Sales

Breakeven sales is a really important number in every business and is a useful starting point for helping you make many good financial decisions.

This video explains how to calculate breakeven sales in a service/trade business, and also explains how gross profit is calculated as a percentage. Both these principles are used in other financial videos on this page.

Can't Find What You're Looking For?

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