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It can be lonely at the top. Long hours at work – short hours at home. Being good on the tools just doesn’t cut it when you have to find customers, price your services, manage cashflow, plan stuff and organise people. Sometimes it can make you wonder if it's all worthwhile.
  • Not making enough money?
  • Business won’t run without you?
  • Stuck in a rut?
  • Not happy with where it’s heading?
  • Making profit but losing cash?
  • Not enough time with family?
  • Great ideas - hard to implement?
  • Losing your passion?

Successful leaders share their challenges

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Stop working for your business and Start making it work for you

You've worked hard to get where you are now but that probably wont get you to where you want to be. It could be time to do things differently so you can achieve the lifestyle you wanted when you first started out.
  • Get clarity on where you’re going
  • Identify the blockages and fix them
  • Use simple tools that work
  • Start with the quick wins
  • Learn how to implement by yourself
  • Change things with the help of an expert
  • Build on your success
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Partner with someone who’s helped Hundreds of business owners like you

“I wish we had started this process a year ago”

Michael M – Director of
business with annual sales = $5m

“Colin clearly knew what he was talking about, was encouraging yet also realistic around goals and expectations…... Despite the fact that it was an initial session, I got far more out of it than I'd expected.”

Ben H on his free initial

“The process strongly motivated both directors and

Gavin G – Director of a
business with annual sales +$10m

“We have grown so much in the last two years. Before we met you we were lost. We had no direction”

Ben F – a business owner doubling annual sales from $750K

“I was extremely impressed with the process with Colin…..this process was
definitely value for money”

Rebecca H –business owner -annual sales of $12m

“Colin’s approach is
collaborative. He is a good listener and he took my
concerns and input into
consideration during

Carol B –business owner -annual sales of <$1m

“Colin has challenged us in our operations, our financials and our future. He made us look deep into ourselves and our business operations.”

Gavin G – Director of a
business with annual sales +$10m

“The plan has provided us with great insight and a closer
understanding of our business operations with a keen eye on where we are, where we want to be and how we are going to get there”.”

Liza P – business owner annual sales +$1m

Colin takes his time to get to know your business and he is a great listener so the
information and support he provides is relevant and
specific, not only to your industry but also to your
individual business goals.

Claire J Business owner annual sales <$1.0m

Colin Hall brings experience and expertise in a cool, calm and collected manner. He looks beyond the balance sheet and into personal and situational matters of

Josh K Business owner annual sales <$1.0m

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Leverage the knowledge of a professional

Approved provider with the NTG Business Growth Program since 2009
Helping people like you for more than 20 years
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Certified Management Consultant

A globally recognised qualification following extensive peer review, client reference checks, methodology, ethics, reports and outcomes. You can trust me to help you.
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Accredited Mindshop Facilitator

Regular training and access to a wide range of tools that I will share with you to develop strategies and actions that will drive your business success.
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Fellow CPA Australia

Proven ability to explain financial principles in clear everyday language. I’ll show you how to use them to make more money with better cashflow
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Since 2009 I have worked mostly with family-owned businesses from my office in Darwin.

I share my skills and knowledge to help clients plan and implement their success and work with them through one-off consulting agreements and longer-term coaching arrangements.

I believe that for your business to be successful it must continually grow (revenue, profit, cashflow) and to achieve this you must grow too (knowledge, skills, confidence).

My style is relaxed and informal. I enjoy sharing humour to illustrate a point but I promise I will challenge you if I think it will help you achieve a better result.

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Build a Better Business

In four simple steps
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Contact Me

  • 5min call or email
  • State your problem
  • State your goals
  • Book a meeting
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Dig Deeper

  • Free consultation
  • Explore the challenge
  • Clarify your outcomes
  • Agree the process
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Start Fixing

  • Analyse the financials
  • Review operations
  • Develop actions
  • Get quick wins
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Get Results

  • Prioritise actions
  • Implement
  • Achieve results
  • Build success


profit & cashflow improvementprofit & cashflow improvement
Profit & cashflow improvement

Manage your finances better and develop more efficient operational processes so that you increase your profit and generate more cash.

growth strategiesgrowth strategies
Growth strategies

Develop strategies and actions that will help you grow with confidence and avoid the pitfalls that trip-up many other businesses.

business plansbusiness plans
Business plans

Develop a practical plan that will put everyone on the same page from your staff to your bank manager

coaching & implementationcoaching & implementation
Coaching & implementation

Keep yourself on track while implementing the changes you need to make to build the business that you and your family deserve.

business diagnosticsbusiness diagnostics
Business diagnostics

A range of online diagnostics or a detailed business overview to get you focused and prioritising improvement opportunities


Use as many of the free diagnostic tools as you wish to help you understand more about the challenges and opportunities in your business and personal life.  They will help you identify the most impactful areas to focus on and provide guidance around the steps to address these challenges.  You will receive a PDF report via email and have the opportunity to discuss your results with me if you wish.

Not sure where to start? - Try the Growth and Profit diagnostic for a good overview of your business. It will identify your top three strengths and weaknesses and provide a suite of recommendations to get you started on your own growth and profit initiatives.




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